Paneer Satay With Peanut Sauce

24 Jul 2014

Paneer Satay with Peanut Sauce is a very simple yet delectable snack to prepare. It is made with Paneer which is cut into long slices, marinated in a spice mix of coconut milk, peanut paste and the juice extracted from the paste made with a mix of coriander roots, green chillies, lemon grass, kaffir leaves or lime leaves, galangal, ginger, and garlic, grilled or pan fried until light brown in colour. Serve hot with peanut sauce. Satay Satay is a very popular Southeast Asian snack especially prepared in the Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines. It is an excellent and yummy dish of marinated, bite-size pieces of meat, skewered, barbecued and often served with a peanut flavoured dipping sauce. The most popular satay is the chicken satay or pork satay but beef is also used. For the vegetarian version, it is either tofu or paneer. Typically, to make a satay, the meat is cut into thin strips or small bite size pieces and then marinated in a flavorful and spicy mixture of herbs a...